Kick-Ass Band Names

By Dario and Blakeo

Please put us on the guest list of all your shows if you actually name your band any of these #bandnames. Thanks.

Dario (@DarioStereo)
Big Angry Salad
Puke Magnet
Easy to Abbreviate
Bolognese For Breakfast
Spandex Cupcake Limbo
Brown Line To The Bar
Tasmanian Blackwood
Gay For Dan
Petty Cab Pimp
John Basket's Bust-Skull Whiskey
Warm Up The Gong
Desert Masonry
Warm Weather Leather
Mutant Vegan Surfer Sluts
Sex Pony
The Nervous Laughs
Slants Italian
Moist Growing Environment
Kick The Midget
Hand Me The Antelope
Crucial Flaw
Freshly Shorn Sod
The Wookie Pillows
Trapdoor To Fellatio
The Mumble Pants
Face Poncho
The Swedish Media
Sun And Grime
Robe Hook
Mosquito Dick
Trollin' Motor
Bags of Froth
No Lotion
Consider the Rail
Jerk-off Jazz
Hotsauce BANG
Caution Horse
Disaster of Singles
The Sucking Teeth
Open Arm Surgery
Chasing the Chipmunks
Booze Drip
Big Sloppy Sunhat
Booty Droppin' Jams
Hooker Spit
Honkey Sweat
Ninja Gardening
Joan's Strange Brain
Lamb Snacks
Fat Package
Selfie Stick (#coverBandName)
Bad Astronomy
The List of Doomed Men
The Loose Money Beats
Thome of Garbage
Customer Journey #corporate #coverbandname
Loose and Romantic
The Must-Don'ts
Cubes and Leaders
Purse Candy
Horn of Africa
Olympic Metal
Ditch Glamour
Skull Soup
Sgt. Hotel
The Fullertones
Capital Old
Discount Math
Discount: Math
The Infinity Scarves
The Banana Rats
Mamer #metalband
Office Furniture #coverband
Junk Food Vodka
Yorp! Yorp! Yorp! Yorp! Yorp!
The Bourbon Cans
The Parlor Tricks
Epic Stalking
Dëad Zëbra (pronounced all Australian/Kiwi-like)
Septic Weapons
Overwhelmingly Liechtenstein
Imminent Sense of Murder
Murder House
Technical Debt
Denver Ice
Horse Roids
Yo, Wazzup, Pope?!?
Mouth Position
Dad Jeans
The Stoned Romans
Chichaqua Bottoms
Chinese Turquoise
Macaroni Jesus
Maximum Isolated Defecation
Bogan Stick
Meatcorn. Beefcorn. (as in: flavored pop corn)
Haunted Pornography
Strange Candy
Reindeer Euthanasia
Truncheon #metalband
Balls on Friday
Balls-on Friday
Fortunate Voyeurism
500 Island
Gang of Hookers
Hurricane Nailing
Sexy Text Message
&&& (And & Ampersand)
Hamster Potstickers
Trunk Chicken
Avocado Sean
Mexican Sports Bar
Fresh Ice
Eating Amish Doughnuts
Street Weave
Goat Damage
Theater Candy
Commander Hot Wheels
So Meta
Dripping With Sleep
Mind-Crushing Monotony
$7 Worth of Hoobastank
The Wellington Yuppies
Down to Howard
Parliament of Owls
Gigantic Face
Disco Pants and Haircuts
Itchy Tits
Home Orthodontics
Vitreous China
Big Angry Salad
Puke Magnet
Easy to Abbreviate
Bolognese For Breakfast
Spandex Cupcake Limbo
Brown Line To The Bar
Tasmanian Blackwood
Blake (@btownsley)
Fat and Sugar
The Forbidding ("putting the 'elf' in 'emo'")
Helicopter Parents
That Bitch Friday
Ginger Rug and the Munch
Zombie Dog Catchers
Premeditated Meat
Nerd Alert
Jizz Mitt Romney
Lady Package
Cheerio Guns
Dirty Hookers
Ironic Diet Coke
Humble Pie Chart
Spandau Fruitcake Himbo
Road Foam!
Jealousy Puke
Arson and Bars
Vagina Slim and the 100s #chickrock
Hipster Putas #chickmetal
Back Door Alarm
Honk and a Spank
Space Incest
Canadian Unrest
Pregnant Lesbians
The Klaxon Alarm
Exploiting The Goat
Hot and Rainy
Zombie Chuck Leavell
Funk Plumber
Japanese Casinos
Weird Meat
Meat Raffle
Crikey Dickens
Hot Vodka
The Taylor Swift Ubiquity
Areola Speedwagon The Fabulous Homophobes Hobo Oboes and the Fancypants Four™ and their hit 1st album "No, We Aren't Affiliated With Los Lobos"
Orangutan Organ Solo
Hippies on Cocaine
Heck or High Water
Hubris Taco
The Armpit Dickey
Uncle Two-Below
Ice Orange
The Jackson Browne Syndrome
Church Tongue
The Time Traveling Anti-Christs
The Bigsby Naturals
The Cat Helmets
Big Pharma
Slow to Anger
Dirty Hookers